Welcome to Black Heart Enterprises!

Black Heart specializes in accurately detailed resin kits, busts of horror, classic science fiction and fantasy characters.  Our growing line of easy-to-assemble 1:1 scale wall-hangers and busts includes characters like Mr. Hyde, Frankenstein and Dracula from classic literature;  like Medusa and Cyclops from classic mythology; and The Thing, Terminator and Predator from classic and modern science fiction.  And with our line of resin busts of legendary special effects artists like Jack Pierce and Paul Blaisdell, and classic horror, sci-fi and fantasy authors like Bram Stoker and H.P. Lovecraft, Black Heart hopes to put a unique, fine art spin on this hobby niche.  

The articles on our T & A page are written by some of the top modelers in the hobby and will help you improve your modeling skills, show you shortcuts to realistic modeling effects, and will otherwise assist you in putting contest quality and museum quality finishes on the models we produce.

Our Gallery pages feature thousands of photos of Black Heart model kits finished and sent to us by modelers from all over the world You'll find that many of these photos are useful as reference for finishing your own Black Heart kits.

Our Character Profiles pages provide historical, biographical, literary and cinematic background for the characters and artists we memorialize in resin.

And our Manual page features chapters of our spoof of a model-building manual that will not only make you laugh but will educate you about this fun, addictive, nerdy, geeky but totally cool and most seriously awesome hobby (Get the picture?).

Black Heart is really an ensemble of trusted, proven and dedicated professionals, artists, artisans, hobbyists and fans who love resin models (nicknamed "garage kits") and we love the films, literature, art, mythology and legends that are the inspiration for this hobby.  In order to produce and market the highest quality horror, sci-fi and fantasy art, George Stephenson (founder and former owner of the original GEOmetric Design, Inc.) has collaborated with some of the best sketch artists, sculptors, artisans (mold makers and casters), painters and professional modelers we know. These collaborations help us design, produce and market the best models and horror, sci-fi and fantasy collectibles we can produce.  Black Heart is a modeler's resource that produces resin busts and monster models that amazing figure modelers and  kitbuilders will enjoy.


No, our products are not cheap but they are well worth every penny you pay for them; we are confident that if you buy, build, and paint a Black Heart kit, it will not be your last. 


We guarantee your money back if you are not satisfied with any Black Heart product!

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