Black Heart's Garage Sale

 The Black Heart busts and wall-hangers offered in our Garage Sale have been retired and are out of production, are of limited availability, or are painted and being offered for sale. 

Some of the painted items are displays used at conventions; some are busts that were painted for articles on our T & A page; others are being offered by painter/modeler/collector friends of Black Heart who are looking to sell them.  Unless otherwise noted, these busts and wall-hangers are complete and in excellent condition.

Also offered are slightly damaged or blemished busts and wall-hanger and some overstocked items.  Unless noted, the busts are complete and in excellent condition. 

 To ensure availability, please email us at before ordering.  If you wish to be on a mailing list if any of our retired busts again become available, please email us and let us know the bust in which you are interested.  We DO have customers and dealers who sell or trade retired busts back to us.  And if you have a Black Heart retired bust that you are interested in selling or trading, please contact us at


                      Painted Black Heart 1:1 scale Thing Wall-Hanger



              Sculpted by Joe Simon; painted by Greg McKellar.

                                        $500 or make an offer


               Painted Black Heart Godzilla GMK wall-hanger  



Sculpted by Shane Foulkes; painted by Robin Kwok/Heroes Club Art of Toys. 19 inches tall and 14 inches wide. Used by Black Heart for display at hobby and monster conventions.                    $600 or make offer.


      Painted Black Heart 1:1 scale Pretty Scary wall-hanger


         Sculpted by Christian Hanson; painted by John Allred    $425 or make offer.


               Painted Black Heart 1:1 scale 360º Series Reptile bust


                  Sculpted by Joe Simon; painted by Steve Riojas.            $425 or make offer.


  Painted Black Heart 1:1 scale Green Gnome Wall-hanger

Painted by Greg McKellar                $475 or make an offer

Painted for demo article at: